Making Carbon Negative Fuel Affordable

Providing Quality Alternative Fuels From Waste Materials

We have created disruptive technology that radically changes how the world will view and dispose of waste as we move forward. Our proprietary dewatering process transforms everyday waste into a high value feedstock.

Whether your process makes electrons or molecules, our engineered alternative fuel (EAF) can be engineered to meet your specifications. 

The Challenge

Most alternative energy sources only work when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. There should be a way to harness the energy contained in the billions of tons of the world’s waste and use it.

The Solution

It became clear to us that the major issue in using most waste materials as an alternative fuel came down to one thing – Water. Determined to find an economical solution we confronted the issue head on. 

We looked for a solution already being used in the industry. Our criteria was simple; low CAPEX, low OPEX and commercially viable. Not able to find a reliable solution, we developed and patented a non-thermal dewatering process that now makes the possibility of using the millions of tons of waste produced daily a reality. Removing the water from these waste materials increases overall efficiencies when looking at using alternative fuel sources.

Moreover, by using waste and diverting it from landfills also takes nearly 100 years of Methane production out of the life cycle. This is one of the fastest and most efficient solutions of removing carbon intensity from our atmosphere.

A Better Solution
Whether you are a municipality looking for a better way to manage your waste or a company that is looking for a green solution visit our Process Demonstration Facility to see what EKAMOR RESOURCE CORPORATION can do for you.

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