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Several years ago we were led into the alternative energy world. It soon became evident that there were no feasible solutions to commercially process waste materials, especially those containing a great deal of moisture, into an alternative fuel source that could be used efficiently. 

From the beginning, our focus has been on developing solutions that transform waste materials into viable alternative energy sources. EKAMOR’s Waste-to-Product (WtP) solutions radically change the way the world disposes of waste by making carbon-negative fuel affordable for others to use


“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

“In Its Simplest Term, Sustainability Is About Our Children, Grandchildren, And The World We Leave Them.”

Our Mission

EKAMOR RESOURCE CORPORATION was founded on the belief that we should utilize waste to its greatest potential, preserve valuable resources by producing carbon-negative alternatives that will generate green solutions for generations to come.

If you think like we do you’re probably wondering why, with today’s technology would we still bury garbage in landfills?

Our Philosophy

Proudly, we have spent the past several years developing a commercially viable process to produce an engineered alternative fuel (EAF) that can be engineered to client specifications.

This processed waste now can be used as an alternative fuel source to provide everything from green energy to green products. 

Significant resources have been spent to research ways to use every resultant byproduct in an environmentally sound and commercially viable way.

Management Team


Kelly Warbis

Co-Founder / CEO

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Michael Idelchik


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Ian Subel


RB 11-11-21

C. Roland Black Jr.


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J. Mark Hutchins