Can Waste Management be a Resource?

Does Your Solid Waste Division Feel Like The Can Has Been Kicked Down The Road To Them? Look What Happens When You View Waste as a Resource.

ERC Solution

stop kicking the can down the road

Feel free to compare our EKAMOR solution to your current waste situation. Average Commodity Revenue (ACR) is a term that we use to give clients a price per ton value as we break down the entire waste stream.

  • Please enter your annual waste tonnage.
  • Under actual amount recycled add your percentages to the appropriate column. (i.e. if you are not recycling currently put “0” in the column).
  • Add your current cost for transport and landfill charge (tipping fee) to the “Price Per Ton” in the “To Landfill” row.
  • If you have any questions call our office at 888-727-7180.