Plant Tour Safety and Security Guidelines

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Plant Tour

When arriving at EKAMOR Resource Corporation, please park in the visitor parking available near the main entrance. After watching the safety video and signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement, ERC’s receptionist will invite you to wait in our lobby until your contact arrives.

The following information is to inform you of our current policies regarding visits to ERC’s world headquarters.

General Rules

  • Due to this being an operating facility only scheduled visits are permitted.
  • Before your visit, please notify your contact of the following details: Title, First Name, Last Name, and Company. Name changes can be made up to 24 hours prior to your visit.
  • During your visit, please stay with your ERC contact. It is not permitted to visit areas of the plant unattended.
  • To maintain effective communication, please ensure that you keep closely together as a group and that you wear the supplied protective gear.


  • When visiting the plant floor Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required, if you have your own you can use that, if not, you will be provided with the appropriate PPE.
  • The following are required: reflective safety jacket, ear protection, safety glasses.
  • Smoking is prohibited except in specially designated smoking areas.
  • No open-toe sandals or high heels are permitted. Please wear close-toed shoes for the tour (steel toed shoes are not required). Trousers and comfortable clothes are also required.
  • Please keep to the pedestrian lanes inside and outside the buildings.
  • Be aware of any vehicles, fork-lift, trucks and/or any moving machinery in the production areas.
  • Touching machinery and equipment is strictly forbidden, unless your visit is technical.
  • If an emergency situation occurs, please stay with your ERC contact who will accompany the visitors safely out of the building via the nearest exit.


  • No filming equipment, including cameras and cellular phones with cameras are permitted. Using mobile phones for taking photos are not allowed throughout the building.
  • Visitor badges must be visible during your visit.
  • Taking any material outside the factory is strictly forbidden.

Please send the name and contact information of your group leader prior to your visit. You may also inform Sara Huneycutt at 931-264-9800 or in case of any change or delay on the day of your visit.

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