See What Can Happen When You Begin Viewing Waste as a Resource

Compare The Traditional Waste Management Model to EKAMOR’s Resource Management Model

Traditional Waste Management Model

Labor intensive
Technology Driven
Overall Cost
Lowers Greenhouse gas intensity
Divert waste from landfills
Extends Current Landfill Life
Produces High value products

EKAMOR Resource Management Model

Labor Intensive
Technology Driven
Overall Cost
lowers greenhouse gas intensity
divert waste from landfills
extends current landfill life
produces high value products

More Benefits

  • Reduced Dependence on Landfills:  Our non-thermal process reduces the remaining waste by up to 90%. Diverting the volume of waste that is landfilled extends the lifespan of current landfills.
  • Lowers Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions:  Landfilled waste produces Methane gases for over 80 years. Using that waste for energy would remove millions of tons of carbon from our atmosphere.
  • Optimized Recovery of Recyclables:  Our systems are designed to efficiently and reliably separate high-value recyclables, allowing you to recover a higher volume that can be sold for re-use.
  • Customized Systems:  Machine learning collects data in real-time, optimizing the process to your local conditions based on input like waste content, temperature, and humidity to ensure efficiency and a high-quality end-product that is consistent and reliable.

EKAMOR's Near-Zero Waste Solution

ERC’s waste solution simplifies managing solid waste from curbside pick up to the landfill by diverting over 90% of waste that ends up there. Municipalities have spent billions of dollars in hopes of decreasing the amount of waste the handle daily.

We Work Across Many Industries

From Electrons to Molecules

Whether you produce electricity, green chemicals, or manufacture products our carbon negative fuel can be engineered to your specifications. With calorific values comparable to coal, but produces fewer greenhouse gases.


Dispatchable Power Generation

Unlike other alternative energy sources, our engineered alternative fuel (EAF) allows power plants to produce energy on demand.

Green Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol, etc...

ERC is committed to providing tomorrow's solutions today. Using our EAF drastically reduces CO2 and NOx emissions in your process.
Airplane and truck with biofuel tank on the background of airpor

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

We are committed to lowering aviation's carbon footprint. Using our carbon-negative fuel to produce SAF, makes reducing emissions a reality.
Working with us
Whether you are a municipality looking for a better way to manage your waste or a company that is looking for a green solution come see what EKAMOR RESOURCE CORPORATION can do for you.

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